Fudgy Family Brownies

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In honor of the holidays this month we’re featuring a classic (with a twist) that’s best made with the help of little hands and lots of love.

These brownies are easy to make, and even easier to eat.


1 Box Brownie Mix of your choice (and the ingredients specified)

Frosting (I used chocolate)

Powdered Sugar



  1. Follow instructions on box to make brownies.
  2. This recipe is really about baking with your family and getting into the holiday spirit. Depending on your children’s ages, and your artistic abilities, there’s a variety of options for the following steps. We decided to make our brownies into ornaments, so I cut them into circles. You could choose to do presents, candy canes, trees, snowmen, etc.
  3. Frost your brownies after you’ve cut them into your chosen shape. We used chocolate frosting, however you could also use vanilla frosting and die it to be your ideal color (ie green if you did a tree etc).
  4. Sprinkle brownies with powdered sugar (optional).
  5. Apply sprinkles, or garnishes of your choice. We did sprinkles on our ornaments however you could use candies to decorate the trees, icing to draw bows on presents, etc.
  6. Pour some Malbec for mom, and enjoy!

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